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i am trying to come back to lj land. first of all, recent fic round up:

fandom: sanctuary

characters: helen, will (helen/will)

title: be here now

words: 2,613

rating: g

summary: He just knows that these days, even though he will never understand her, never understand why, she looks at him like he’s all she has left in the world.

@ ao3

and then i tripped and wrote some birthday once upon a time rpf for adventurepants which is here. i couldn't help it omg they are so awkward and beautiful. and hey, WHILE I'M ALREADY DOWN HERE.

as far as life things, i got another job at a different hotel which has been pretty good. so two jobs now. it's lame. trying to work out getting back to school for my graduate degree, but we'll see. bethany and i want to move and work for a bit first, probably to salt lake since it's closeish but big and much more fun. our friend dani does HR at this new museum called the leo, which is an art and technology museum, and it's AWESOME. oh god it's so awesome. dani says she can probably hire me whenever, so, bonus. WE'LL SEE.

beltane is next week! time to bust out the phallic objects and dance around a bonfire. ;D i love beltane. last year's was so wonderful, it helped me prepare so much for my trip. i love that year after year all my same friends get together to celebrate the seasons and all the changes that come with them. what a blessing.

what else. I GOT MY CURLY HAIR BACK. that's pretty important to me.

bethany also graduates next week. i'm super proud of her.


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i have a new job! it is reception at a bed and breakfast in one of the oldest buildings in utah which is pretty badass. it's connected to and owned by the same people that own one of the oldest churches in utah which is also awesome. history boner. apparently i will be doing wedding consultations and hosting, too. i will work with one of my bffs kassie and bethany's awesome cousin aurora, so i think it will rock. we'll see. i just need money, man. ugh.

we really want to move as soon as bethany graduates, but i don't think we'll be able to seriously consider that until next summer. we both get half tuition at utah state and so realistically that's the best option for grad school, which we are both planning on in the next few years, but I DON'T WANT TO STAY HERE THAT LONG UGH. so maybe we can move for awhile into a better job market, even if it's just to salt lake city, and then move back for school. idk. either way, we literally need to get out of utah or we'll never be able to get married and have benefits and a real life. so. i love this valley and it's my home and it is so beautiful but. gotta move.

anyway, for now, i'm just concentrating on working and looking into other job ops and volunteer stuff that will boost up my resume for the kind of jobs i want. i talked to a friend of mine at a party the other night who graduated with the same degree that i did, and she said it has served her really well so far. so that makes me feel better. and it's nice not to have to worry about school.

i really want to write because i haven't in months but damn this shit is hard. i wrote a lot in africa but it was mostly journaling. sigh. suggestions?

i also really need to figure out what i want to do for the october full moon and for samhain because my group is being lame this year and putting everything off til the last minute, so i'm doin' my own thang. this is my home season and i really look forward to the end of october each year because it's always my favorite time to reconnect with myself and with the world around me. my good, dear friends holly and heather are coming up for our harry potter party and i am so excited to see themmmm. i'm excited for the party, too!! we are going all out, man, like even moreso than last year. drunk tweeting pictures and things all night is something that will be happening.

sooooometimes i get this restless feeling. it isn't a bad feeling, but it is really familiar. it just feels like something needs to come out of me and a lot of it tends to be connected to stuff that's happened in the past that maybe, even after all the work i've already done, i still need to work through. usually i write or i hike or i pray or meditate to ease it. sometimes i drink a lot of beer. i'm not sure which one i need to do right now. maybe i just need to shut up and relax because i just got back from an almost 3-month long trip.

this morning i woke up and ate chocolate cupcakes and watched like, 3 episodes of sanctuary. then i went on a walk in the leaves and sunshine. it was a good morning.
[ OUAT ] not exactly a banner day

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i am back from africa (/london/edinburgh/berlin)!! this will be a post about my trip, kind of, because i get bored of my own stories quite easily.

basically i think i will just post some pictures.

I MISSED YOU ALL and it's super good to be back in america because i also missed ice and gay people and good coffee and fanfiction and toilet paper and hot showers and clean clothes. and mattresses.

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okay FIRST OF ALL, if the entire leverage cast would please just CEASE AND FUCKING DESIST WITH THE GODDAMN just ugh with how and the I LOVE THEM. it's like i try not to ship that cast and they make it impossible because TWITTER. tim made gina birthday dinner and gina and christian keep calling each other baby and jeri and gina and beth are always tweeting to each other about wishing they were together and aldis and gina always hang out in portland together and

whatever, anyway, this post was supposed to be the post about how i'm leaving in LESS THAN A WEEK and i love you aaaaaaaaall. i don't know how often i'll update this thing (like i even update it frequently as it is, hee hee har har) but if you want to follow cartography and i's adventures, we'll be attempting to tweet from @alotofafrica and i'll try to update my travel journal, which is over at dreamwidth.

SO WE'LL SEE. by next tuesday (THIS IS ABOUT YOUR LIBIDO) i'll be off to hang with miss_atom and then obviously cartography and i won't be able to super consistently check my flist or even tumblr SO IF SOMETHING AWESOME HAPPENS THAT I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT, PLSSSS EMAIL OK OK. next.great.adventure@gmail.com. or if you just wanna chat. email, yo.

in other news, i haven't finished the last few episodes of stargate atlantis yet because I DON'T WANT TO. I LOVE ELIZABETH AND I DON'T WANT TO HATE LIFE but i guess i'll try to finish before i leave.

here's something else i love about elizabeth: i've never encountered another person, real or fictional, who wears their wristwatch with the clock face facing INSIDE ON THE WRIST LIKE I DO!!1 AND I'VE ALWAYS FELT WEIRD ABOUT IT BECAUSE NOBODY ELSE DOES IT BUT ELIZABETH WEARS HER WATCH THIS WAY TOO AND IT MAKES ME FEEL VALIDATED and also i find it kind of sexy for some reason? i love you elizabeth. i love you so much.

okkkkkk i can't think of anything else to write about so LOVE YOU GUISE. <3 oh if anyone has any super great travel advice, feel free to leave it here. otherwise I'LL SEE YOU WHEN I SEE YOU.
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welp. WELP. W E L P.

AFTER NINE MONTHS, IT IS DONE. and i...jess...we...just...there is really no excuse for what we have done because this is literally awful and morals WHAT MORALS but whatever, okay, whatever, it is so fucking hot. WHATEVER WHATEVER WE DO WHAT WE WANT. hate and love mail alike can be forwarded to jess and kate's love nest in vermont (zip code 05671).

also we are psychic. we wrote all of this like, weeks and months ago and then we just kept finding out that EVERYTHING WE WROTE WAS BASICALLY TRUE so yes we tried to write fiction but it kind of came out reality (with added sex).

(missparker's a/n: Every time I try to write author notes for this, I just end up writing: "Welp." But I mean, it is what it is. We created the word hotwrong because this shit is so hot but terribly, terribly wrong. Last night Kate was like, "I like how we never even considered not posting this." BUT WE SHOULD HAVE, because we are terrible. However, RPF is what it is and this is clearly labeled as such, so if you're gonna get your panties all in a twist about it, that's your business.)

OK i think you've been sufficiently warned.

- - - - -

title: Hot as a Fever, Rattle of Bones
author: missparker AND cata_clysmiic
fandom: Sanctuary RPF
pairing: Amanda Tapping/Robin Dunne (CODENAME: HOTWRONG)
rating: Explicit
word count: 25,891
summary: And everything else is just window-dressing because they both know this is the only rule and it’s already been the only rule for a pretty long time.

- - - - -

yeaaaaaaaaaah and like jess said on her own lj post, we have this giant playlist to go with this fic that we'll post sometime. and it's GOOOOD. or maybe we'll just save it for the sequel

(see what i did there)
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well, let's see, what has happened in my life since like, MAY. i graduated! undergrad. undergrad graduated. it was fun, and now i get to start thinking about going right back to grad school.

cartography and i are going on a grand adventure into the heart of darkness (well, southeast of the heart of darkness) next month. fa;lskdjfa;sldfkj A;LDSKFJASLDJFK A;DLFJ!! also, i will be in london for a little less than a week and also berlin for a bit after that. HEY, IF ANYONE HAS ANY SUGGESTIONS OF THINGS I SHOULD DO IN LONDON, LET ME KNOW. i'm compiling a list. I BLESS THE RAINSSSS DOWN IN AAAAAAAAFRICAAAAAA.

lastly, i started stargate atlantis. i'm like 3 episodes into the 3rd season. people have been telling me for a long time to watch it and now I AM and i never understood why everyone loved elizabeth so much but




S T A N D.

you guys, she is literally perfect. help. i love her big concerned doe eyes and her steady voice and the way her eyeliner is sometimes darker in one scene than it was in the last and how that confuses me. i love how she has the gryffiest face even though she is a stonecold claw and i love her shiny pearly lipgloss and how it glints in the fluorescent atlantean light. i love how her hair literally grows a little with each passing episode and how she only has one outfit BUT MY VERY FAVORITE THING ABOUT HER IS HER LINE DELIVERY. and how she sometimes will surprise you by WHISPERING A LINE. WHISPERING IT. to be fair, this is all torri, but it's still what i love most about elizabeth. i love how she loves everyone so fiercely and how she is always TOUCHING people reassuringly to let them know she appreciates them but if necessary, she'd sacrifice what needs to be sacrificed (she and helen magnus should have some chats). i love how she is the queen of atlantis and everyone knows it but maybe she is still unsure of herself, even though she won't let it show. also, she has the best relationship with john. they are actually smitten with each other and they have a wonderful give and take and it is the best.

and now for one thing i hate: I HATE THAT EVERYONE (BESIDES JOHN AND PROBABLY HER IMMEDIATE ATLANTIS TEAM AND SOMETIMES BEAU BRIDGES) KEEPS GIVING HER SHIT ABOUT HER LEADERSHIP POSITION. fuck off, stupid men characters. she's endlessly better than you in every way. i don't want her to leave. i don't want what's going to happen, I DON'T WANT IT. TAKE IT BACK. AND I'M GONNA KEEEEEEP ON LOOOOOOOOVIN' YOOOOOOOOU, 'CAUSE IT'S THE ONLY THING I WANNA DOOOOOOOO. hysterical sobbing.

this has been a preview of 'things kate loves about elizabeth weir', a list that i will post later to make myself feel better.

aaaaand i love scottish carson and rodney and JOHN. JOHN. and i love teyla. space skinner is also awesome. OH AND RONON. rooonooon.

okay this post is getting ridiculous and i don't even know what i'm saying anymore. i already articulated my feelings much better to cartography and leanstein. i guess i just really missed the stargate universe, you guys.
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lesssss do this because i'm bored at work.

1. Pick a pairing or a character
2. Ask me my particular headcanon regarding something about them
3. Post to your journal to share your own headcanon!
[ OUAT ] not exactly a banner day

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OK GUYS lisssstteeeennn. i really, really love this stupid show. it is special. i actually didn't feel really sad about it, because we all knew it was coming and the 4th season was wrapped up really nicely, until i started reading everyone else's apathetic posts about it. and that makes me the most sad. /taliavoice :(

so listen, i've gotta show some love here. i love the friends i met in this frustrating fandom, i love the cast, i love the crew, i love that sanctuary was not a great show but that it tried to distinguish itself by doing this tv show business thing more responsibly, more interactively, more goofily. i love these goddamn characters in ridiculous quantities. and i will miss them. i love the ships and the fic and the flaily times i've had with almost every single one of you over something or other dealing with this show (some of you i still do this with on a daily basis!). also, sanctuary gave us hotwrong. and for that i will always be thankful. amen.

so, sanctuary babies. you are the best babies. all of you. iwillalwaysloveyou.mp3.